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Melunois, Francia - Where and how to get all Wealth Collectibles

Melunois, Francia
All Wealth Locations and how to get them - 8
Also available:

Tungsten Ingot

Blihaut is in the north east of Melunois.
The Ingot is behind a locked door.
There are some wooden boxes near the Norse Man that you can destroy.
The key is underneath them.

Tungsten Ingot

Bradeia is south of Paris.
Pick up the key in the storage building, first floor on the table.
Then find the secret entrance in the shed behind the storage building.
The entrance is hidden by a wooden wall that needs to be destroyed.
Go down the stairs, move away the shelf and access the chest.

Tungsten Ingot

Chartres is south of the Diodurum Ruins Fasttravel Point and west of Stampis.
The chest is inside the house next to the church, the one with the rats...
The key for it is inside the church at the back.

Diodurum Ruins
Book of Knowledge: Golden Flame

Diodurum Ruins is right at the northern Fasttravel Point.
It does not only hold a Book of Knowledge but also one of the Keys for the Lutetia Bureau in Paris.
Both are underground. The entrance is in the pond to the east.
You will see a brick arch.
Swim inside and dive down. It's a short dive.
Climb up on the other side to see the Hidden Ones Symbol on a door.
Open the door and go inside.
Straight ahead, a grated window with oil flasks behind it. In the far back of them a destructable wall.
In the center of the room, a square pool with a passage to the right.
Get into the pool and dive through the corridor to the right.
You'll dive up at the oil flasks and the destructable wall location.
Take and oil flask and throw it to the destructable wall.
Now cross over into the room.
Here, you can pick up the Book of Knowledge and one of the Keys for the Lutetia Bureau in Paris.

Gear: Paladin Pants

The chest is in the big red tent of the Medanta Camp.
One of the soldiers is carrying the key.

Pruvinis - 1
Tungsten Ingot

Pruvinis is northeast of Melun.
The chest with the ingot is inside the building in the courtyard of the camp.
Doors are barred but one of them can be shot through a window.
Screenshot shows aerial view of the location.

Pruvinis - 2
Gear: Paladin Helm

Pruvinis is northeast of Melun.
The chest underground.
There is an entrance near the red tarp in the east at the top area of the camp.
It's a square opening in the floor.
Inside this little basement is a destructable wall, a barred door and an oil flask.
Destroy the wall with the flask.
At the end of the corridor is a grated door, where you can see the chest and some oil flasks.
Shoot the oil flasks through it.
The barred door will blow up and you can enter.

Tungsten Ingot

The locked chest is in the big burnt building in Stampis.
The key is in the well in front of the house.
Destroy the wooden top, climb down to get the key.
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