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All Rigsogur Fragments (Saga Pages) - Where to get them

Alphabetical List their locations and where to find them

The Rigsogur, Page 1

Repton, Ledecestrescire

It's inside the building where you met Ivarr the first time. Down in the basement.

The Rigsogur, Page 2

Grantebridge, Grantebridgescire

It's inside the longhouse. Ground floor.

The Rigsogur, Page 3

Northwic, East Anglia

It's inside the longhouse. You can move 2 shelves out of the way to get into a storage area.
Here, shoot the barricade that blocks you from going up the ladder.

The Rigsogur, Page 4

Quatford, Sciropescire

The paper is inside a hut near the port.

The Rigsogur, Page 5

Evinghou Tower, Oxenefordscire

West of Evinghou Tower is a man building a ship.
The Rigsogur Saga Page is on the ship.

The Rigsogur, Page 6

Canterbury Seminary , Cent

Get inside the Canterbury Seminary. - I just smashed a window at ground floor and climbed in.
On the second floor there is a small library.
In this library is The Rigsogur, Page 6.

The Rigsogur, Page 8

Colcestre - Ealdorman's House - Essexe

Inside the Ealdorman's House in Colcestre, in one of the upstairs chambers. The Rigsogur, Page 8 is on display.

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