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All Ranged Abilities and Where to get them

Alphabetical List of all Ranged Abilities
Abilities are granted through Wealth - Book of Knowledge

Axe Blizzard - 1

South East of Northwic - East Anglia - England

The Book of Knowledge is inside a ruined church. Second floor.

Axe Blizzard - 2

Wincestre Garrison - Wincestre - England

The Book of Knowledge is in the inner part of the Garrison.
Open it with the key.
The Book of Knowledge is in the room on the second floor - all barred doors.
You can shoot the balcony door through a window outside to get in.

Focus of the Nornir - 1

Offchurch - Ledecestrescire - Mercia - England

It's down in the church basement.
When you get to the room, where the soldier tries to move a shelf, go to the right side wall of the room.
There is a gap you can go through and take the book.

Focus of the Nornir - 2

Bolingbroc Castle - Lincolnscire - England

The Book of Knowledge, with the Focus of the Nornir ability, is in the inner part of Castle Bolingbroc.
After crossing the bridge, enter the building where the guards are in.
The Book of Knowledge is here.

Incendiary Powder Trap

Walden - Grantebridgescire - Mercia - England

It's inside the big church in the western part of Walden.
Easy Accessablitly.

Incendiary Powder Trap

Briggworth - Essexe - England

The Book of Knowledge is at the top of Briggworth's main building - in the tower.
The entrance is barred. Climb onto the tower roof.
Here, you can move a stone shelf to the right to get inside.

Irish Wolfhound - 1

Tuam - Connacht, Ireland

At Tuam Village, there is a big hole in the ground to reach the underground area.
Follow the path through a prison cell to get to the Book of Knowledge.

Irish Wolfhound - 2

Bally na Gall - Ulster, Ireland

East of Armagh is Bally na Gall.
There is a destructable floor in the bigger burnt house.
The Oil Flask is nearby (see screenshot)

Man's Best Friend - 1

Ravensthorpe - Mercia - England

One of Raventhorpe's children is waiting in the longhouse. Talk to him and the "A little Problem" Quest will start.
After the quest you'll receive this Ranged Ability.

Man's Best Friend - 2

Crepelgate Fort - Oxenefordscire - England

The Book is in the stone tower with a barricaded entrance.
You can enter the tower from below the wooden guard tower.
Here, you have to move a shelf aside so you can get to the ground level, where the Book of Knowledge is.

Mark of Death - 1

Meldeburne - Grantebridgescire - Mercia - England

The Book of Knowledge is inside the tall locked tower. One of the guards has the key.

Mark of Death - 2

Alrekstad - Hordafylke - Norway

In the eastern part of Alrekstad is a house with a pigsty in the back.
Shoot the cargo bag in front of the house so you get cellar access.
The cellar door to the Book of Knowledge is locked.
The note in the house tells you where to find it.

Piercing Shot - 1

Templebrough - Ledecestrescire - Mercia - England

It's in the main barracks, the big center buidling of the Fort. Easy Access.

Piercing Shot - 2

Lincoln - Lincolnscire - England

The Book of Knowledge is in a house that is barred up.
The only entrance door is on the second floor and barred.
Climb onto the roof and destroy the wooden wall to get inside.
You will quickly find out that the door to the Book of Knoledge is locked.
To get the key, you have to destroy the nearby stone barricade.
There are oil jars in this room though. Smash the wooden walls at ground floor and you get access to the oil jars.
Use one on the stone barricade, get the key and then the Book of Knowledge.

Poisonous Powder Trap - 1

Petuaria Ruins - Northeast of Donecaestre - Eurvicscire

There are some wooden floor walls you can destroy in the Petuaria Ruins so you can climb down the two ladders.
- In this room, slide through the passage to the pool room.
- Get into the water and dive to the other side.
- Here is one room with oil jars and another one with with a stone weak wall.
- Use and oil jar on the stone weak wall.
- Now the passage is open to destroy the stone weak wall where the pool is.
- Take an oil jar, slide through the passage and use the right side of the pool to parcour closer to the stone weak wall.
- As soon as the wall is destroyed, move the stone shelf away from you.
The Book of Knowledge is in this poison filled room.

Poisonous Powder Trap - 2

Odin Mine Hideout - Snotinghamscire

The Book of Knowledge is in the big open part of the Mine, where the water is.
Move away a big stone and take the oil jar at the entrance with you.
Parcour to the end of the passage, where you'll find a weak stone wall.
Destroy it.
At the other end is a pool of water, unclimbable ice at the other end with a weak ice wall.
You can destroy the weak ice wall. The Book of Knowledge is behind it.
Now parcour to this little cave. Starting point is the float in the water.
Jump towards the beams.

Ranged Fire Strike

Ravensthorpe - England

A Reward for giving Hytham 6 Medallions.

Ranged Poison Strike

Ravensthorpe - England

A Reward for giving Hytham 4 Medallions.

Raven Distraction - 1

Tonnastadir - Ledecestrescire - Mercia - England

Get the keys for the Restricted Area Basement in the Longhouse.
Now unlock the basement and go down. The Wealth chest is in plain sight.

Raven Distraction - 2

Belesduna Bandit Camp - Essexe - England

The Book of Knowledge is inside a ruined chapel, behind a barred door.
To get inside, shoot the wooden wall from the outside, and then shoot again to hit the door's barricade.
Then you can go in to get the book.

Smoke Bomb Arrow Level 1

Lambay Abbey - Dublin, Ireland

The Book of Knowledge is inside the main church.

Smoke Bomb Arrow Level 2

Clogher - Ulster, Ireland

The Book of Knowledge is inside a cavern underneath Clogher, in the south of Ulster.
Go to the western part of Clogher and look for 2 Oil Flasks.
Right next to them is a breakable wall hidden behind a lot of greenery.

Throw the Oil Flask and go in.
A big monolith is blocking the way to the Book  of Knowledge. Move it backwards out of the way.

Thorn of Slumber - 1

Gryttirsand - Rygjafylke - Norway

The Book of Knowledge is in the camp's tower.
Climb the tower with the ladder, shoot the wooden barricade in the floor to get in.

Thorn of Slumber - 2

Dover Fortress - Cent

The Book of Knowledge is in the building at the highest point of the fortress.
The door is locked and the key is on top of the tower behind the building.

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