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Paris, Francia - Where and how to solve all Mysteries Collectibles

Paris, Francia
All Wealth Locations and how to get them - 3
Also available:

Le Vieil Arbre
Offering Altar

The Offering Altar is in the north eastern part of Paris.
It requires:
2x Animal Heart, 100 Silver.

You can get Animal Hearts from Farm Animals.

East of Saint Merri
World Event: The King of Rats

East of Saint-Merri in the northeastern part of Paris, is a hidden entrance.
The ladder is leading down into a basement with a door.
Open the door and you will see a lot of rats swarming around a stockpile in the center of the room.
Use the borders to the left and right of the room to avoid the rats and jump onto the center pile.
Read the note to complete the event.

South of Sigfred's Forward Camp
World Event: The Ghost of Saint Germain.

In the southwestern part of Paris, 3 people are standing in the open.
They see a ghost at the roof of the nearby chapel in the southwest.
Investigate the chapel.
There is a ladder you can shoot down to get to the top.
Move the shelf underneath the ladder to reach it.
Climb up to the tower and you see a dead body.
Read the letter to finish the event.

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