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Melunois, Francia - Where and how to solve all Mysteries Collectibles

Melunois, Francia
All Mysteries Locations and how to get them - 7
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World Event: Ulfberth's Sword

Blihaut is in the northeast of Melunois.
Here, inside the ruins is a Norse Man.
Talk to him and get Ulfberth's Sword to complete the event.

World Event: Not God Enough

Chartres is south of the Diodurum Fasttravel Point and west of Stampis.
Inside a church, people are praying to a statue.
They will attack you. Defeat them and read the letter near the statue to complete the event.

Diodurum Ruins
Roman Excavation: Keys for the Lutetia Bureau

Diodurum Ruins is right at the northern Fasttravel Point.
Both are underground. The entrance is in the pond to the east.
You will see a brick arch.
Swim inside and dive down. It's a short dive.
Climb up on the other side to see the Hidden Ones Symbol on a door.
Open the door and go inside.
Straight ahead, a grated window with oil flasks behind it. In the far back of them a destructable wall.
In the center of the room, a square pool with a passage to the right.
Get into the pool and dive through the corridor to the right.
You'll dive up at the oil flasks and the destructable wall location.
Take and oil flask and throw it to the destructable wall.
Now cross over into the room.
Here, you can pick up the Book of Knowledge and one of the Keys for the Lutetia Bureau in Paris.

Les Trois Pignons - 1

The cairn is southwest of Paris.
Build a tower!

Les Trois Pignons - 2
World Event: Frankish Noble Defeated

The Event is southwest of Paris, close to the cairn.
Right below the Cairn is a man hiding in a bush.
Defeat him.

World Event: Stealing from Thieves

At the camp in Medanta, in the northern parts of Melunois, is a box on a table next to a corpse.
The event is finished, when you pick up the box.
You'll get the quest "A Package for Paris" to deliver the box.

Offering Altar

Sarclitas is northwest of Melun.
It needs 3 European Pond Turtles (regular).
Thankfully, you can catch them easily at the 2 ponds near the Altar.

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