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Evresin, Francia - Where and how to solve all Mysteries Collectibles

Evresin, Francia
All Mysteries Locations and how to get them - 5
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Falaises d'albatre

The Cairn is in the very east of Evresin, northeast of Pont-de-l'Arche.
Build a tower!

Gisacum Ruins
Roman Excavation: Keys for the Lutetia Bureau

The Gisacum Ruins are north of Evreux.
Go down into the ruined building.
There is a wooden floor you can destroy and go down further.
Down there, you can open the Hidden Ones door and get inside.
Avoid the rats by climbing on the furniture and stay on higher ground.

In the center of the rat infested basement you'll see a ramp that leads up to a destructable wall.
You don't need to destroy the wall to get the key.
When you look towards the destructable wall, also notice the table.
The key is in the corridor behind the table.
Climb around to collect the key.

La Claire

The Cairn is in the very north of Evresin by the coast.
Build a tower!

Les Champs Blues
World Event: Frankish Noble Defeated

The World Event is west of Pont-de-l'Arche.
Defeat the Frankish Noble.

Offering Altar

The Offering Altar is in the very north of Evresin.
It's northwest of Charles's Forward Camp.
It requires 3x Brown Trout (big), 3x Seal Tail.

- Catch the Broun Trout right around the Altar. Scan for big lonely fish.
- The seals are at the Cairn / boats by the coast.

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