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Amienois, Francia - Where and how to solve all Myteries Collectibles

Amienois, Francia
All Mysteries Locations and how to get them - 5
Also available:

Champlieu Ruins
Roman Excavation: Keys for the Lutetia Bureau

Champlieu Ruins are northeast of Paris.
You can also pick up a Book of Knowledge here.
Enter the ruins through an opening in the ground by destroying the wooden floorboards that are hiding it.
Open the Hidden Ones door.
Follow the corridor straight ahead to the movable shelf.
Use the slide-through passage to advance.
Get an oil Jar, slide back and destroy the wall with it.
Inside are the Keys for the Lutetia Bureau on the table.

Ghost Auroch
Legendary Animal

The Animal is southeast of Amiens.

Guido de Roca - 1

The Cairn is southwest of Amiens.

Guido de Roca - 2
Frankish Noble Defeated

Close to the Cairn is a Frankish Noble waiting for his defeat.

World Event

Between Compendium and Suessionum, people are fighting.
Help defeat the soldiers and speak to the man.
You can choose what to take and that finishes the World Event.
The map shows the access point to the mint, where you can loot a lot of silver.
Don't forget to smash the boxes in the house.
There is a chest with 1500 Silver hiding.

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