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A Brief History of the Hidden Ones - Find all Hidden Ones' Bureaus

Alphabetical List their locations and where to find them

The Magas Codex Page 1
Londinium Bureau - Lunden - England
Go to the Londinium Bureau Office location on the map.
You will see high branches in a circle that you can't penetrate.
Climb high up and take a dive from a branch above the map marker to dive into the Londinium Bureau.
Here, you can dive underwater to get behind the locked office.
From the hanging platform you can shoot the oil jar to get inside the office.

The Magas Codex Page 2
Eboracum Bureau - Jorvik - England
In the most southern part of Jorvik at the border to Eurvicscire is the Secret Entrance for the Eboracum Hidden One's Bureau (see map).
Climb down and dive through to the other side where you will find a big area with a flooded pool.
With the crack in the wall - where you came from - in your back, swim all the way to the back right corner of the pool.
Here you can dive and use a passage underwater to get to the other side.
Here you can access the bureau.
There is a chest with a lock and a locked door.
The key for the locked door is on top of the shelf with the many documents next to the locked door.
Unlock the door and enter the office where a Wealth Chest and The Codex Page is.

The Magas Codex Page 3
Temple of Ceres Bureau - Glowecestrescire
In the very west of Glowecestrescire, in the Forest of Denu, is the Temple of Ceres Bureau.

Enter the Temple by taking the entrance steps down.
- In the first room is a barred door and some pottery that hide a Slide Through Passage. Take it.
- In the next room is a stone weak wall and a poisonous gas passage.
- There is a small treasure chest behind the weak wall. An oil jar is at the end of the poisonous passage. Throw a torch to avoid the gas.
- Also at the end of the poisonous passage is a weak wooden floor. Smash it and go through.
- Next is a big poison gas filled hall.
- You need to go through the passage on the other side. Avoid the gas by throwing a torch.
- Next is a corridor with gas and oil jars. Take one with you and follow the path up.
- Throw it on the weak stone wall and you can enter the Bureau.
The Magas Codex Page 3 is on a table in the center area.

The Magas Codex Page 4
Ratae Bureau - Ledecestre - England

Go to the Armour spot on the map. There is a big Assassin's sign on the ruins' floor.
There, look around for a big hanging bag that you can shoot down.
Do so and it will open a passage down.
Follow the slide-through gaps in the walls to get into the Hidden One's Office, where this item is.

Pick up The Magas Codex Page 4 in the back room of the Office.

The Magas Codex Page 5
Camulodunum Bureau - Colcestre - England
This Codex Page is in the Hidden Ones' Bureau in Colcestre.
First find the entrance. It's a weak wall / stone barricade near a tilted statue.
You can get an oil jar nearby to throw down and climb down.
Follow the corridor down. At some stage you can climb up and you end up in a big flooded area.
The entrance door is barred. There are two exit points over your head. The one to the left (with the bureau door in your back), leads to another barred door.
Climb up to the exit on your left though. Once you're up, look to the other side of the flooded entrance area.
There is another passage. Parcour over.
Down here is a locked door with a pool.
Dive down to get the key.
Once you've opened that door, you can get to a window where you can shoot at one of the barred doors that lead into the inside.
The Magas Codex Page 5 is by the map

The Magas Codex Page 6
Venta Belgarum Bureau - Wincestre - England
This Codex Page is in the Hidden Ones' Bureau in Wincestre.
There is a hidden Entrance in the west of Wincestre.
Jump down. There are oil jars, a barred door and a weak stone wall.
Behind the weak stone wall is a treasure chest.
Now dive through and follow the underwater corridor to the other side.
Here you can move a shelf and smash the barred door. We'll need the oil jar in a bit.
There is a blocked slide-through passage that we'll unblock later.
There is a pit with a weak stone wall. Go get an oil jar and destroy it.
Now you're in the Bureau and can pick up the Codex Page 6.
Move the shelf to use the slide-through passage.

Talk to Hytham and give him the pages.
He tells you to talk to Reda about the Codex Pages.
He tells you to have a look. The letter appears inside his tent. Interact.
He tells you to have a look. The letter appears inside his tent. Interact.

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