Tomb of Polybotes | Southern Sporades | Kos | Walkthrough - All Tombs, Ainigmata and Loot Treasure Locations | Assassin's Creed Odyssey

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Tomb of Polybotes | Southern Sporades | Kos | Walkthrough

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The tomb's entrance is south of the Herb Fishing Village. You have to smash the wall open to get in.

Follow the corridor down into a room with a dog statue in the center. Exit the room and you will see some urns before you. Smash them to get a passage to a room with a hole in the middle. Down there is the Stele. But I take the other way around to first collect all the treasure.
So I leave the urn slide passage and go left down the hall.
You will get to another storage room with some more urns to smash for a slide passage.

If you're the "I don't care about treasure I just want the stele" kind of person: push down the shelf before you go down the hole. Makes it easier to get up again...

Don't slide through yet, there is a Treasure Chest in this room. Slide through when you picked it up.
There is a snake and a smashable wall at the back. Get rid of both and go through the wall into the next area.

Follow the only available path down the corridor to get into the Treasure and Stele room.
Get out the way you came from.

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