Tomb of Eurypylos | Achaia | Walkthrough - All Tombs, Ainigmata and Loot Treasure Locations | Assassin's Creed Odyssey

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Tomb of Eurypylos | Achaia | Walkthrough

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The tomb's entrance is on top of Mount Panachaikos.

Go inside and smash the barricaded wall. Go through.
Follow the corridor in. Soon you'll see a barricaded slide through passage. That's the exit.

Follow the corridor down into a room, where a hole in the center has been boarded up. Nothing here.
Leave through the other exit.
Follow the corridor down to a dead end with a barricaded wall to smash. Do it and go through.
Follow the corridor. You will get to some urns. Destroy all of them. They're hiding a Treasure and a slide through passage.

Slide through the passage when you're done.
You will get into a room with some shelves. Here you can move one to the side to reveal a slide through passage. Go through.
Follow the corridor. At the end there are some more urns covering a slide through passage. Destroy the urns and slide through.

In this room is the stele. Destroy all the urns in the room. There is another slide through passage. Go through it.

To the left is a dead end with a couple of urns. Destroy them and you will see a smashable wall. Destroy it, go through and grab the treasure.

Leave the treasure room and follow the corridor to the left (where you haven't been yet).
It's a room with a climbing frame. Climb up there.
Then follow the path and corridor up the stairs to the massive treasure room.

Smash the urns at the back to get another passage
Follow the path into a room with shelves. Move one aside to get to the exit.

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