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All Ainigmata Ostraka Solved | Messenia

Assassin's Creed Odyssey > All Ainigmata Ostraka Locations

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MESSENIA | Palace of Aphareus
Riddle Name: Foggy Memory
"Workers are told if they extract any unusual items from the Mines of the Great Trench, they must report them. But if you pay them enough, they will "forget" their loot on the far side of the lake, under a willow tree in Messene village."

Riddle Location:
The Ainigmata is on top of one of the buildings.

Treasure Location:
It can be found at Messene village, at the lake under a willow tree.

MESSENIA | Temple of Apollo Korythos
Riddle Name: Procession of Bones
"They keep piling up in the city, so the dead are taken east toward the bridge that splits into three directions. Then north, to where a winding road leads to a small camp. They are to be dumped in a pit along with the other waste. You can find me down there, like cold feet poking out from under a blanket."

Riddle Location:
The Ainigmata is inside the burned temple.

Treasure Location:
At the camp "Keadas Cave" there is a ladder going down to the cave. Down here is a body covered with a blanket. Interact with it.

MESSENIA | Terror Gorge
Riddle Name: Tastes like Chicken
"Chicken craving? I hear they keep a hidden coop at the temple north of Messene, overlooking the mine. You will find me there in a bag of feed."

Riddle Location:
The Ainigmata is inside the cave, first area.

Treasure Location:
It is right next to the temple at the Temple of Zeus viewpoint. The entrance is blocked by an urn. Jump over. There is a bag of seeds on the floor.

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