All Loot Treasure and Ancient Tablet Locations | Lokris - All Tombs, Ainigmata and Loot Treasure Locations | Assassin's Creed Odyssey

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All Loot Treasure and Ancient Tablet Locations | Lokris

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(alphabetical order)

Ajax Military Camp
2 Loot Treasures
The Treasures are inside the Camp.

Leader House
3 Loot Treasures | 1 Ainigmata Ostraka
Treasure 1 is at the top of the building
Treasure 2 is one floor down
Treasure 3 is another floor down
The Ainigmata is next to the war table outside. Here's where you can find the Treasure

Military Camp on the Hill
1 Loot Treasures
The Treasure is inside the Camp.

Persian Remains
2 Loot Treasures
Both are underwater. One outside, one inside the ship.
To get to the Treasure inside the ship, you have to dive into it from the broken side.

Red Lake Bandits
3 Loot Treasures
All 3 Treasures are inside the cave

Salty Bandits
2 Loot Treasures
Treasure 1 is in the house, 1st floor
Treasure 2 is in the house, 2nd floor

Xerxes Military Fort
4 Loot Treasures
Treasure 1 + 2 are together in the north west inside the house. Treasure 2 is the purple treasure.
Treasure 3 is inside a building in the center of the camp. To get to the first floor, its location, you have to climb through a window.
Treasure 4 is also inside a building in the center. Ground floor.

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