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Agamemnon's Tomb | Argolis | Walkthrough

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The tomb is near the Palace of Agamemnon.

Go inside. There is only one way you can go. Inside the room, there is a smashable wall. Destroy it and follow the corridor down.
You will get to a crossing. If you go straight ahead, you will see that the passage is blocked by a shelf at the other end - as it seems (this is one of the exits).
So go left.

You are now in a room with lots of dead bodies, floor traps, a barricade at the center and a small shelf.
Move this shelf to the barricade - avoiding the traps - to climb it and cross the barricade by jumping over.

On the other side is the first treasure and when you follow the corridor, you get into a room with a big hole in the floor and with the Stele.
To get out, you can move the 2 bookshelves close to the Stele, or you can go down the hole. - Careful! The ground is full of snakes.
After killing the snakes, follow the path out, until you get to another 2 shelves to move. Do so, go through, smash the wall and you're out.

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