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Step-by-Step guide for Chapter 4 - The final part.

1. Enter the Marbury Guest House and observe the counter.

2. Talk to Miss Marbury, pick up the key and look into the guest book.

3. Observe Mrs. Marbury and talk to her.

4. Go upstairs to search Cust's Room. Look into the mirror for extra ego points. Then look at the shelf with the two medicine bottles. Take both with you.

5. Observe the corner with the bed and the table. 3 clues.

6. Observe the table. The ABC Book, the knife, the pencils, the typewriter, the letter, the blue bottle.

7. Get the ribbon out of the typewriter.

8. Investigate the boxes on the floor. Drag and drop the knife on the closed one to open it.

9. Look into the wardrobe. Bexhill daily paper, bathing-dress, newspaper articles, hanging clothes.

10. Look at the blood stains on the floor below the sink.

11. Conclusion: Where was Cust at the time of the Bexhill murder? (Newspaper, Poirot)

12. Go back downstairs and talk to Japp.

13. Conclusion: Was it possible for Cust to have killed the three victims? (Letter, red Marbury, Newspaper)

14. Conclusion: Are there any common points between Cust and the killer? (ABC letter, Knife, ABC Book)

15. Is Cust's behaviour suspicious? (purple, gray, green Marbury)

16. Go to the car to drive to Scotland Yard.

17. Observe Cust (3 clues) and talk to him. When he coughs give him the cough medicine (drag and drop) and later the sedative (drag and drop).

18. Conclusion: What do we know about Cust's health? (Newspaper, gray Marbury, red Marbury)

19. Conclusion: Are there any clues that do not support Cust's guilt in the Churston murder?

20. Conclusion: Are there any clues that do not support Cust's guilt? (gray and green Cust)

21. Conclusion: Can we say without a shadow of a doubt that Cust is guilty? (Red and blue Cust)

22. Conclusion: Cust's Psychological profile
  • Is Cust clever (Cust)
  • Is Cust sure of himself (red Thora)
  • Is Cust a seducer? (green Thora)
  • Does Cust like trains? (green Marbury)
  • Is Cust impulsive? (gray Marbury)
  • Is Cust generous? (Poirot)

23. Drive home (go to the car)
Check the mirror again, look at the newspapers on the table (2 clues) and go to the cabinet to the left to get the guns filled with blanks. Give the gun to Hastings (drag and drop). Then make a phone call.

24. Conclusion: Why did the murderer make a mistake in the address? (two green previous conclusions, green Poirot)

25. Why did the killer send his letters to Hercule Poirot? (red Hastings)

26. Conclusion: What do we know about Cust? (gray Poirot, red Marbury)

27. Conclusion: How to explain Cust's presence at the crime scenes? (green Conclusion from earlier, green Poirot)

28. Conclusion: Donald the murderer?
  • Is Donald Clever? (Gray Megan)
  • Is Donald sure of himself? (red Donald)
  • Is Donald a seducer? (Poirot)
  • Does Donald like trains? (green Donald)
  • Is Donald impulsive? (blue Megan)
  • Is Donald generous? (green Megan)

29. Conclusion: Is Franklin the murderer?
  • Is Franklin clever? (red Newspaper)
  • Is Franklin sure of himself? (Lady Clarke)
  • Is Franklin a seducer? (Hastings)
  • Does Franklin like trains? (Book)
  • Is Franklin impulsive? (green newspaper)
  • Is Franklin generous? (Franklin)

30. Ending

31. Timeline: What really happened.

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