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Chapter 3 | Carmichael Clarke Murder

Step-by-Step guide for Chapter 3 - Carmichael Clarke in Churston

1. Arrive at Churston and look at the corpse. ABC Book, Throat, the bloodied path, his body.

2. Investigate Clarke's belongings on the blue cloth. Signet ring, wallet (move it around until you get the message), pocket watch, Keys (move around until you get the message)

3. Observe the rock, where the dove is sitting on. 3 clues.

4. Look at the bush to the left and the trampled ground (2 seperate things to look at)

5. Conclusion: What was Sir Carmichael's Position when he was killed? (gray, green, red Poirot)

6. Conclusion: Did Sir Carmichael see his murderer? (green conclusion, green Poirot, red Poirot)

7. After talking to Japp, go to the left, do some more talking and observe Thora Gray. 3 Clues.

8. Talk to Franklin Clarke and then investigate the bookshelf in the back left. First more the cogwheels to change the underground colours of the animals. Bottom: black, left: blue, Right:white, Top: Red. Then position the animals so that the dots on the pictures face to the dragon.
The compartment below opens. Look at the knives and the letter.

9. Observe Thora Gray again. 3 Clues.

10. Talk to Thora Gray, then do the reconstruction of Carmichael Clarke's murder.

11. Back at home, investigate the pen in your inventory to get a spiral spring.

12. Observe Megan Barnard (3 Clues)

13. Observe Donald (3 clues)

14. Look at Mary Drower and Thora Gray.

15. Look at Hastings and Franklin Clarke, talk to everyone.

16. Conclusion: Is the killer clever? (Blue Poirot)

17. Conclusion: Is the killer sure of himself (red Hastings)

18. Conclusion: Is the killer a seducer? (gray Poirot)

19. Conclusion: Does the killer like trains? (green Hastings)

20. Conclusion: Is the killer impulsive? (Red Poirot)

21. Conclusion: Is the killer generous? (Green Poirot)

22. Conclusion: What do the victims have in common? (blue Japp, Poirot, gray Megan)

23. Back at Churston, go upstairs and observe Lady Clarke (3 Clues), talk to her and go back down to pick up the phone.

24. Check the mirror for ego points and observe the lion head (twice the label) to get the skeleton key. Go back upstairs, open the little cabinet next to the mirror with the key (drag and drop). Talk to Lady Clarke.

25. When she falls asleep, pick up 3 combs. The bronze comb is at the mirror cabinet, the silver comb is lying on the floor next to the bed, the golden one is in the bed side table. There is a little box on the cupboard that is standing at the wall to the back. Use those combs on that box.

26. Observe the cupboard (3 clues)

27. Talk to Lady Clarke, go down to talk to Hastings on the phone and then open the trunk. Open it with the code on the trunk (1927), use the times hidden in the pictures (7:30, 7:20) Find the key in the bottom drawer, use it on the top of the trunk and solve the puzzle to get the signet ring.

28. Investigate the little drawer unit in the hallway. The book and the Arsenic.

29. Go to the living room, back to the bookshelf you opened previously and investigate the content. Book, Knives, Letter.

30. Drag and drop the skeleton key to the closed cabinet at the right, look at the files.

31. Go through the rooms and investigate various items. The collection, the book on the table, the big chinese map, the chinese compass in one of the glass cabinets. Then investigate the table and look at the 3 items there. The brooch, the knife, the letter.

32. Go back to the hallway and enter Franklin's office (the brown door). Look at the animal heads (Kudu, Bear) and observe the area between those two.

33. Solve the map puzzle and enter the number on the signet ring to open the safe (1587).

34. Investigate the content of the safe. Top shelf, letter pile 1, letter pile 2 and the school report.

35. Solve the Chinese Cupboard puzzle to open it. First turn the symbols into the right position and then enter them in the correct order.

36. Investigate what's inside the chinese cupboard (3 books and the gear).

37. Exit the house through the lounge terrace door. Go to the right and investigate the plant pot that seems a bit weird. Look at the rat and twice to the floor. First time to put the plant pot back, second time to check it.

38. Go down to the garden. At the bottom in the corner of the hedge investigate the wheelbarrow.

39. Conclusion: Why did Thora leave personal belongings behind at Combeside? (Knife, Letter, gray Poirot)

40. Conclusion: Is Thora a poisoner? (Bottle, rat, green letter)

41. Put the skeleton key back to the lion's head compartment (drag and drop) and call Hastings. Back in London, observe Donald. Talk to Donald.

42. Conclusion: How should Donald's dream be interpreted? (Letter, red Donald, green Donald). - Talk to Donald

43. Talk to Thora. Conclusion: Would Thora have married Sir Carmichael if he had lived? (letter, brooch, grey Thora)

44. Conclusion: Is there another common point between the murders? (Stockings, Red Thora, Megan)

45. Look at the papers on the table, check the mirror for extra points and make a phone call. Pick up the post and compare the letters again.

46. Decipher the burned documents and investigate them.

47. Conclusion: Where do the burned documents come from? (Letter, green conclusion from earlier, Poirot)

48. Call Japp, tell him "Alexander Bonaparte Cust" and point to the Black Swan hotel iin Doncaster. Then start Chapter 4.
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