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Chapter 2 | Betty Barnard Murder

Step-by-Step guide for Chapter 2 - Betty Barnard

1. Arrive at Bexhill and observe the town. 3 clues.

2. Talk to Inspector Japp at the beach and then go to the crime scene.

3. Investigate the crime scene (Betty Barnards dead body). Look at: ABC Book, key on the wrist, silk belt, her neck, her face, her feet, her right hand.

4. Conclusion: How was the victim killed?

5. Conclusion: What are the common points between the Andover Murder and the one in Bexhill?

6. Conclusion: Are the crimes in Andover and Bexhill the work of the same murderer?

7. Go to cabin #6, move the sign "6" up to reveal the code for the lock (715), put the key into the lock (drag and drop) and remove the bolt at the door.

8. Look at all of the victim's belongings. Shoes, handbag, the picture on the wall (3 clues)

9. Go up towards the ginger cat and observe it. 3 clues.

10. Enter the ginger cat and check out the mirror for extra ego points.

11. Observe Miss Merrion (3 clues) and talk to her.

12. Investigate the counter and solve the puzzle. Find out when Betty was working and who her guests were.

13. Talk to Miss Merrion and leave the Ginger Cat to go to Betty's house. It's not far. Right up the alley in the same scene. Knock on the door and go in.

14. After the scene with Megan Bernard, go to the mirror above the fireplace and get some more ego points. Then observe Megan Barnard.

15. After talking to Megan Barnard, she disappears and you can observe the Living Room. 3 clues.

16. Go up the stairs to Betty's room. Observe her music equipment. 3 clues.

18. Check out the mirror for extra ego points. Then observe the tickets at the base of the bed. 3 clues.

19. Thinking: Open up the clock in Betty's room. Get extra ego points to set the time to 12 o'clock.

20. Go downstairs and solve the gramophone puzzle.

21. Observe Miss Merrion again. 3 Clues. Talk to her afterwards.

22. Conclusion: What had Betty planned to do with her evening? (Red Poirot, Green & Red Megan)

23. Conclusion: Did Betty know her assailant? (Purple Poirot)

24. Conclusion: What is Megan Barnard's behaviour hiding? (Purple Poirot, Purple Megan)

25. Conclusion: Did Megan Barnard have a motive for killing her sister? (Red Megan)

26. Leave the house and go back to the Ginger Cat to observe Donald Fraser before you talk to him (3 clues)

27. Conclusion: Did Donald have a motive for Betty's Murder? (Green Poirot, Megan)

28. Conclusion: Does Donald have an alibi? (Blue Poirot)

29. Conclusion: Does Donald have a movite for all the murders?

30. Reconstruct the murder at the beach.

31. Return to London. After you talked to Hastings and Japp, check the news papers at the table (2 clues)

32. Check the mirror at the entrance (ego points), pick up the opened letters, talk to Hastings and go to your desk to compare the letters again. Point out the faulty typewriter issues again.

33. Conclusion: Why does the murderer warn us so late? (gray and red Poirot)

34. Make a last phone call before starting Chapter 3.

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