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Chapter 1 | Alice Ascher Murder

Step-by-Step guide for Chapter 1 - Alice Ascher

1. Arrive at Andover, go to Inspector Japp (the person with the yellow suit), then investigate him. - 3 Clues to find.

2. Talk to Inspector Japp and enter the shop.

3. Investigate the counter: Strawberries in the bag, ABC book, Fingerprints.

4. Investigate the crime scene / Alice Ascher's body. Pack of Cigarettes, Pool of blood, the floor behind her, her head, her body. Also look at the shelf behind her, with the cigarettes.

5. Investigate the till on the counter. It's locked. Turn around the till. There is an unlock switch on the left side. - Open the till with the open button. You'll find a number hint. There are 2 more hints on the till. You'll get the code: 852. Enter it on the till and the secret drawer opens, revealing the key to the back room.

6. Drag and drop the key on the door at the back.

7. Investigate the bed. Hanky with blood, pillow with blood, framed picture (look at it)

8. Open the cupboard with the flower maze puzzle. Solve the maze, then turn around the bird buttons until you hear a clicking sound.

9. Investigate what is inside. Read the letter and look at the green bottle.

10. Open the wooden box on the table. Find and push 4 buttons. Then slide the top open to investigate the content.

11. Observe the kitchen. Modest crockery, Simple Tap, Old Stove

12. Check the mirror for extra Ego Points.

13. Leave the back room.

14. Observe the corner with the papers. 3 clues to find.

15. Conclusion: Is theft motive for the crime?

16. Leave the shop

17. Observe the fruit shop owner. Box of matches, a full ashtray, extinguished cigarette.

18. Talk to Nancy Bodley, the Fruit Shop owner.

19. Conclusion: How do we explain the presence of an ABC guide on the counter?

20. Conclusion: Was Mrs Ascher killed on site?

21. Go back to the back of the shop and observe Mary Drower before you talk to her (3 clues)

22. Conclusion: What was Mrs Ascher doing when she was killed?

23. Look at what Franz Ascher dropped. Book (look inside) and a box of stockings.

24. Go back outside and talk to Nancy Bodley, the fruit shop owner.

25. Conclusion: Can we establish the time range during which Mrs. Ascher was killed?

26. Conclusion: Can we reduce this time range and why?

27. Take the white vinegar bottle with you. Standing between the fruit display and the fruit shop owner.

28. Drag and drop the vinegar bottle to Franz Ascher to wake him and observe him (3 clues). Split lip, black eye, Torn coat sleeve. Then talk to him.

29. Do the murder reconstruction.

30. Back at Poirot's house, read the paper at the table.

31. Check Poirot's appearance in the mirror next to the door, pick up the letter and read it. Take it to the desk and compare it with the previous letters. Mark the "A", the "w" and the "I" in both letters one after the other.

32. Conclusion: What's special about the Andover murder?

33. Conclusion: What can we guess about the next victim?

34. At scotland yard, observe the medals board (3 clues), the map (2 clues) and Japp (3 clues)

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