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Location of All Collectibles
(White Shield)

Historic Rifles: MN m91/30 without scope

Use the elevator inside the wind turbine

Historic Rifles: Mosini-Nagant m/28-30

Climb all the way up inside the cave

Special Crates

AKA-47 Drum Mag
Inside the tent
Scope only
AKA-47 Collimator
Use the elevator inside the wind turbine
Magazine only
Arctic Ocean
Autumn Maple
Desert Storm
Follow the trail at the house
Digital Desert
Road Rage
RUS 6x 12x 24x
Next to control room
Scope only
Sand Storm

Things from the past

Lion Bowl
On top of a small table
Triptych with Deesis
Ancient Georgian Coins
Desk inside a house
"The Maze". An open cave system
Walk further away, following "The Maze" to find a safe place to get down.
Bronze Pendant
In the shelf
Clay icon
Stone coffin decoration
Dagger of Imereti
At the altar
Garnet Bracelet
Top floor, on a chair next to a bed

Weapon Case

MP-40 Grad
Cave at the village. Same climb as Mosin Nagant but further up
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