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Prey | Neuromod Division Map Level 3 | All Collectibles Location

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Neuromod Division Level 3

How to access blocked areas and where to find collectibles at Neuromod Division Level 3

K - Keys | M - Missing Crew
N - Notes | Nm - Neuromods
P - Plan | X - Blocked Passage

Blocked Area (X) - How to:

Volunteer Quarters

Keycode: 1807

Fabrication can be accessed through a shaft at Volunteer Quarters (see map). Remember to use GLOO to get to high places.
Storage Room

Can be opened at the Computer (Utilities) in Halden Graves' Office

Go up the stairs inside Skill Recorder Analysis at
(Check out the "Blocked Area" Section on how to get into Skill Recorder Analysis)


RE: Volunteer Attitude


Halden Graves' Office

Missing Crew Members

Frederick Steele
Junior Bookman
Use the maintenance shaft at L2 next to the dead volunteer


Exotic Material Storage
I Volunteered
Items Confiscated...
It's a Deal


Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication
Disruptor Stun Gun


Disruptor Stun Gun
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