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Prey | Neuromod Division Map Level 2 | All Collectibles Location

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Neuromod Division Level 2

How to access blocked areas and where to find collectibles at Neuromod Division Level 2

A - Audio Logs
E - Emails
K - Keys
M - Missing Crew
N - Notes
Nm - Neuromod
R - Repairs

Audio Logs

Someone's Coming

Blocked Area (X) - How to:

Repair Grav Shaft Elevator

To Reach Level 3...
Security Booth

Level 1 Hack
Security Station

Level 2 Hack
Skill Recording Room

Open the door at the Security Booth Computer (Security Station). Hacking Lvl 2 required.
Skill Recorder Analysis

Destroy the windows once you're inside the Skill Recording Room and climb in through the windows
Caleb Hawethorne Computer

Hacking Level 1 required


Daily Tests
Next Week's Test
Personality Drift Results
RE: Have my people...
RE: Igwe's Talk
RE: Simulation Question
URGENT! (Quest Trigger)


Keycard: Simulation Lab

Missing Crew Members

Grete Mikkelsen
Hadley Dalton
Helen Croft
Joshua Vanstry
Jovan Gravilovic
Jiao-Long Heng
Natasha Nikova
Robert Gage
Veer Singh


Standup Notes
The Noetic Field
Turret Order


Huntress Boltcaster Fabrication
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