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Prey | Hardware Labs Level 2 | All Collectibles Location

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Hardware Labs | Level 2

How to access blocked areas and where to find collectibles at Hardware Labs Level 2

A- Audio Log | E - Emails | K - Keys |
M - Missing Crew | N - Notes
W - Weapon | X - Blocked Passage

Audio Logs

Don't Panic

Blocked Area (X) - How to:

Director Thorstein's Office

Keycode: Director Thorstein's Office
Blackbox Lab

Keycard: Blackbox Lab


Assassin League?
Blackbox Shipment
Did you lose this?
Eyes and Ears
"Goo" Test Results
If you need supplies
My New Reployer
Part Requisition
Psychotronic Satellite
RE: Bolt Effectiveness
RE: Canceled Forever
RE: FW: Thief
RE: Workplace Grievance
Warning! Radiation
You Win
You're in Charge


Machine Shop Supply Closet
Group: Small Scale Testing
Director Thorstein's Office
Jorgen Thorstein's Cabin
Thorsten's Safe Code

The Note says Es & Xe. Elements on the Periodic Table.
The Code is: 9954
TranStar Uniform Guide

Missing Crew Members

Franklin Goode
Jorgen Thorstein
Miyu Okabe
Nickie Tannar
Peter Coleman
Titus Kromwell


Beyond the Stars...
Cooking with Cauliflower
Lane Carpenter
Memorize and Destroy
Mr. Glooey McGlooface
Thorstein's Safe Code Clue


Artax Propulsion System Fabrication
Huntress Boltcaster Fabrication
FlexiFoam Bolts Fabrication
Medkit Fabrication
Q-Beam Fabrication
Q-Beam Cell Fabrication


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