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Prey | Hardware Labs Level 1 | All Collectibles Location

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Hardware Labs | Level 1

How to access blocked areas and where to find collectibles at Hardware Labs Level 1

E - Emails | K - Keys
M - Missing Crew | N - Notes
Nm - Neuromods | P - Plans
X - Blocked Passage

Audio Logs

Bring a GLOO Gun

Blocked Area (X) - How to:

Ballistics Lab

Keycard: Ballistics Lab
Remember to use GLOO to extinguish fires
Jorgen Thorstein

Keycode: Director Thorstein's Office
Machine Shop Storage Room

Keycode: Machine Shop Supply Closet
Dr. Lorenzo Calvino

Keycard: Dr. Calvino's Workshop
Follow the story and get the card next to Calvino's body in space


Demo Delay
Looking Glass Technical Specs
Missing Operator Parts
Recycler Charge Fab Plan
RE: Custom Travel Mug
RE: Fabricator Malfunction
RE: Scale Modification
The Huntress is ready
Unknown Material
You're my only Hope


Keycard: Ballistics Lab
Employee Entrance

Missing Crew Members

Aime Schmidt
Conrad Birchman
Hope Ellis
Randall Wood
Sean Larsen
Thaddeus York

Neuromods (Nm)


Engineering Workbook
Gloo Gun Viscosity
In Memoriam: Right Hallux
Terraforming Mars
Too Far, Too Fast II


Silenced Pistol Ammo
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