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Chipsets in alphabetical order

Suit Chipsets

ARTX Propulsion Gen 1 | G.U.T.S. Research Level
Increases the Artax Propulsion System's glide speed.

ARTX Propulsion Gen 2 | In Space. On Grant Lockwood's body
Adds a jet boost to the Artax Propulsion System.

Backlash Reactor S-p58 | Shuttle Bay Level 3
Backlash has a chance to return damage to the attacker.

Beam Shielding (*) 19.4GHz | Neuromod Division Level 4
Reduces damage taken from laser attacks

Collect more Disruptor and Q-Beam ammunition from robotic corpses.

EMP Shielding (*) 19.4GHz | Hardware Labs Level B1
Decreases the effects of EMP damage on your suit and weapons

Impact Dampener CRU[v1] | Psychotronics Level 1
Reduces damage taken from crashing during flight in zero-g.

INTegral Structor b5nm | Power Plant Level 1
Your suit is more restistant to environmental hazards that degrade its integrity.

Kinesthetic Assister CRU [x1] | Life Support Level B1
Regenerate Stamina more quickly.

Last Chance CoREV1 | Reward for: Mikhaila Ilyushin Questline
Blows that would otherwise kill you will leave you with one health instead. 5 second cooldown.

PolyShield CRU[v2] | G.U.T.S. Research Level
Grants increased protection against physical damage.

Radiation Shielding (*) 19.4GHz | Talos I Lobby Level 2
Grants resistance to radiation

Thermal Shielding (*) 19.4GHz | In Space | Inside Cargo Bay Hull Breach | Jessica Wiley Corpse
Grants resistance to fire damage

Performing a Sneak Attack restores some health

Scope Chipsets

[O] Coral Detector 64Si | Arboretum Level 4
Modifies the Psychoscope to be able to scan Coral.

[O] ESP Targeting 163xf | Talos I Bridge Level 1
Increases weapon damage to marked enemies.

[O] Fear Reactor 0322Si | Life Support Level B2
Upon killing a Typhon, there is a chance to trigger a Fear blast on other nearby Typhons.

[O] Kinetic Amp +6qw5 | Crew Quarters Level 3
Boosts damage done by Kinetic Blast.

[O] M3chT3ch dx_2.0 | Crew Quarters Level 1
Reduces the time it takes to repair an object.

[O] Mimic Detection Gen 1 | Psychotronics Level 1
Allows detection of hidden Mimics.

[O] Mimic Detection Gen 2 | Arboretum Level 3
Allows detection of hidden Mimics and Greater Mimics.

[O] Optimizer (Morph) 00100z | Deep Storage Level 2
Reduces the initial Psi cost of Morph powers.

[O] Pistol Critical++ | Arboretum Level 4
Increases the critical chance rate when firing pistols.

[O] PsiV-AMP.24 | Crew Quarters Level 1
Sneak Attacks restore a small amount of Psi.

[O] Psychoshock Amp +6qw5 | Neuromod Division Level 1
Boosts the amount of damage done by Psychoshock.

[O] ReActivator x2t-00 | Crew Quarters Level 3
Decreases the cooldown time of Psi powers.

[O] Shotgun Critical++ | Crew Quarters Level 1 | Quest: Gustav Leitner (Igwe Cargo Bay Follow up)
Increases the critical chance rate when firing the shotgun.

[O] SpeedScan 001Si | Psychotronics Level 2
Decreases the amount of time needed to complete a scan.

[O] Superthermal Amp +6qw5 | Cargo Bay Level 1
Boosts the amount of damage done by Superthermal

[O] Wrench Critical++ | Crew Quarters Level 1
Increases the critical chance rate when attacking with a wrench.

[O] Zero Point Psi 19-03weOS | Arboretum Level 2 | Life Support Level B2
You have a chance to cast a Psi power for free.

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