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G.U.T.S. Research Level

How to access blocked areas and where to find collectibles at G.U.T.S. Research Level

A - Audio Log | Ch - Chipset
E - Email | K - Keys
M - Missing | N - Notes
P - Plans

Audio Logs

Anders has the Key

Blocked Area (X) - How to:

Maintenance Tunnel

Needs Keycard: Maintenance Tunnel


ARTX Propulsion Gen 1
Polyshield CRU[v2]
Compartment inside Magnetosphere Chamber
Open at Computer, Hack Lvl 3


FW: Josh Dalton MIA???
Shield Generator Malfunction


Maintenance Tunnel

Missing Crew Members

Anders Kline
Laurel Davis
Ramon Ridley


Rising Stars
Subsection Monitor
The Starbender Cycle: Book 2: My Enemy's Enemy's Enemy


Suit Repair Kit Fabrication
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