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Crew Quarters Level 1

How to access blocked areas and where to find collectibles at Crew Quarters Level 1

A - Audio Logs | Ch - Chipsets |
E - Emails | K - Keys |
M - Missing Crew | N - Notes
X - Blocked Passage

Audio Logs

Abby Isn't Answering | Fatal Fortress 2
Bang on the Window
Birthday Tryst
Dear Future Us 1 + 2
Happy Birthday Daddy
I Can Read Sheet Music
Operator Skillet
Say Yes
Surveillance Request...

Blocked Area (X) - How to:

Executive Suites

Keycode: Executive Suites

Mail Room

Keycode: Mail Room (3031)

Sylvain Bellamy's Cabin

Keycard: Sylvain Bellamy's Cabin

Jorgen Thorstein's Cabin

Keycard: Jorgen Thorstein's Cabin

Abigail Foy

Keycard: Abigail Foy's Cabin

Lorenzo Calvino
Jada Mark's Cabin

Keycard: Jada Marks' Cabin

Sarah Elazar's Cabin

Remove the box left of the door to get access to the maintenance shaft. Go through it and you're in.

Hans Kelstrup's Cabin

Keycard: Hans Kelstrup's Cabin

Will Mitchell's Cabin

Keycard: Will Mitchell's Cabin

Fitness Center

Keycode: Fitness Center | 8873


Cell Refurb 00q-x1
[O] PsiV-AMP.24
[O] Wrench Critical++
[O] M3chT3ch dx_2.0
[O] Shotgun Critical++
Get this after saving Igwe at Cargo Bay
Quest: Gustav Leitner


A Basement in Space
Canned Pears
Morgan's Solutions
New Gym Code
Not Sparkling
Preparing for the Concert
RE: EMOTE Upgrade
RE: My Password
Treasure Hunt


Secure Pharmaceutical
Will Mitchell's Cabin
Keycode: Fitnesscenter
Mail Room
Lorenzo Calvino
Keycode: Executive Suites

Missing Crew Members

Abigail Foy
Bernard Griffith
Bruce Cobb
Caleb Hawethorne
Carlos Popinga
Chris Wade
Chloe Burgess
Colette May-Schultz
Dan Billingsly
Daniel Landon
Danielle Sho (bracelet)
David Branch
Don Davis
Elizabeth Bay
Emma Beatty
Franz Klinger
Gary Snow
Harvey Clausen
Ike Stewart
Indigo Lake
Ivy Song
Jilian Quigg
Joseph McSorley
Kade Mason
Kevin Sabian
Lisa Larson
Maliah Fowles
Mary Malinaro
Mathias Kohl
Neil Warnes
Oliver Benoit
Patricia Wang
Phong Vu
Regina Sellers
Salman Kapoor
Will Mitchell


Character Name: Rosalyn Swyft
Friday Night
Global Unity Games
Lost Your Transcribe Again?
Grainger's Memoires
Package Pickup
Survivor's Account of "The Evacuation" Day 3
The Starbender Cycle: Book 1: The Darkstar Anomaly
The Yellow Tulip


Recycler Charge Fabrication
Weapon Kit Fabrication Plan
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