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Prey | Arboretum Level 4 | All Collectibles Location

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Arboretum Level 4

How to access blocked areas and where to find collectibles at Arboretum Level 4

I did not use the Grav Shaft to get up here. I climbed up the Looking Glass Shaft (Destroy the Looking Glass Window) and then jumped up.

A - Audio Logs | Ch - Chipset
E - Emails | K - Keycard
N - Notes

Audio Logs

Keep Having This Dream

Blocked Areas - How to:

Alex's Office Safe

Keycode: 2030


[O] Pistol Critical++
[O] Coral Detector 64Si
Shows up at Story Progress


RE: Missing Keycard
RE: Rogue Operator
No Subject
Results of Morgan Eval


Alex Yu's Suite


Too Far Too Fast III
The Neural Horizon II
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