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Mining Town | All Collectibles | Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

Location of All Collectibles
(White Shield)
Mining Town

Historic Rifles: L115A3 Long Range Rifle

Historic Rifles: M21 SWS

Downstairs, inside the building

Historic Rifles: Ross rifle

Special Crates

Weapon: Brezatelya
Elevator Drone Challenge
Video Walkthrough: Start to End
Citrine Grass
Distorted Mirror
Dry Foliage
Inside the tower
Orange Dawn
Video Walkthrough: Start to End
Takedown Recurve Bow
Video Walkthrough: Start to End
Winter Plains

Things from the past

Agate Necklace
Bathroom floor
Golden Pin
Top floor, on top of a crate
Bear Figurine
On the shelf
Bronze Rhyton
Top of the tower, next to the beer
Descent of Holy Spirit Icon
Leaning on a crate
Jesus Icon
Inside the church, ground level
Thin Bracelets
On top of some furniture
Wooden Cross
On top of the scaffolding
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