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Mass Effect: Andromeda | Task: Data Trail | EOS

Task: Data Trail

After finding Remnant cores at various Kett locations on the map, SAM will give you a location for a Remnant installation.

When you enter, there is a Glyph locked container. Here's the guide on where the 4 Glyphs are and how to solve the Decryption Puzzle to open the container.

Glyphs 1 & 2

Both are in the entrance hall, before you go through the gray corridor.

Glyph 1: Is at the top of the entrance hall, where the container and the console are.
Glyph 2: Is on one of the pillars of the round void entrance.

Glyph 1
Glyph 2

Glyphs 3

Go through the corridor to the next room.
Glyph 3: Is on one of the pillars
Glyph 4: At the end of this room at the wall.

Glyph 3


Now you can solve the Decryption Riddle at the Container.

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