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Mass Effect: Andromeda | Kadara | Monolyths, Glyphs and Vault Walkthrough

Monolyth 1

The Monolyth is easily accessible.

Glyph 1: Is high up on the side of one pillar. No climbing needed.
Glyph 2: On a wall at ground level.
Glyph 3: Need to climb one of the pillars for this one.

Glyph 1
Glyph 2
Glyph 3

Now use the terminal to solve the puzzle

Monolyth 2

The Monolyth can be accessed through a cave in the south. Just follow the road and you should see the entrance from there.
The Glyphs are easily visible and accessible from the ground when you walk into the cave.

Glyph 1: On a wall at the back of the cave.
Glyph 2: When you walk up from the entrance towards the console. It is at the side of a pillar.
Glyph 3: At the upper side of another pillar.

No decryption needed. Monolyth activates when activating the console.

Glyph 1
Glyph 2
Glyph 3

Monolyth 3

The Console can be either entered through a hole in the roof or through an opening at the side of the road.
Only 2 Glyphs here.

Glyph 1: At the bottom side of a pillar
Glyph 2: On the side wall of a pillar.

No Decryption needed. Monolyth activates when console is used.
Glyph 1
Glyph 2
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