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Ancient Gardens | All Collectible Chests, Weapons Chests and Secret Chapter Locations | Part 1

1 - Goomba Grove
(In order as they appear)

1 - Leafy World - Artwork #1
( Video Time - 00:10 )

After the tutorial fights (Challenge 1) you see the tower far away. A bit further down the path to the left, there is a coin. It leads you to this chest.

2 - Rumble Bee - Weapon: Mario
( Video Time - 00:38 )

Next comes a big puzzle area with tunnels and buttons. Right at the entrance there's a red ring. Collect 8 red coins to get the Weapons Chest

3 - Mario - 3DModel #1
( Video Time - 01:03 )

Next to this golden chest, there is a yellow button. Push it and go to the center of the area with the two pipe entrances. Take the pipe that leads to the bigger fenced area. There, push the red button. The red block disappears and you can use another pipe to get to the chest.

4 - Garden Ziggy - 3DModel #4
( Video Time - 01:40 )

Go back to the two opposite tunnels and take the other one. Push the blue button and find the area that had a blue wall. - It is now open.

5 - Prologue - Soundtrack 1
( Video Time - 02:28 )

The blue button also opened the entrance to a tunnel towards the water. Take it.

6 - Grand Opening - Soundtrack 2
( Video Time - 02:46 )

There is a fenced area with a green button in it. Behind the area, there is a green blue flower. There's the chest. The coin leads the way.

7 - Rabbid Peach - 3DModel #3
( Video Time - 03:03 )

Continue the story path, up a wooden bridge path, across a battle area. Right before this battle area, there is a cannon to the right. But you can't use it yet. But... There is another wooden bridge. Go across but don't go to the next battle area yet. To the left, there is a tunnel. Use it to get to the other side and push the red button. This unlocked the cannon. Use it to get to the chest.

2 - Pollen Plains
(In order as they appear)

8 - Baffling Blocks - Artwork #2
( Video Time - 04:27 )

In the Challenge 2 Battle area, before you meet the sunflower in the story, there is an area to the right with a lot of coins. There you can move away a block to get to the chest. Note: Get the MOVE! ability at the End of World 1

9 - Rabbid Luigi - 3DModel #2
( Video Time - 04:46 )

Take the cannon next to the chest you just opened. You'll get to the next chest. Here, you can also push the rabbid button to get access to the normal walkways. But I take the cannon back to where I came from...

10 - Sunflower - 3DModel #5
( Video Time - 05:19 )

This chest is story related. The sunflower will give it to you after defeating the rabbids in the Challenge 2 area

11 - 10 Power Orbs
( Video Time - 05:30 )

After the sunflower chest, continue up the wooden path. On the next platform, there are 3 wooden boxes. Go down to the right and MOVE! the 3 boxes there into the same postion

12 - Turbine - Weapon: Rabbid Luigi
( Video Time - 06:12 )

Continue to follow the story path until you see a white cannon to the right. Use it to get to the blue time challenge cannon.

13 - The Waterfall Puzzle - Soundtrack 5
( Video Time - 07:28 )

Continue to follow the story path until you get to the empty battle area before Challenge 3. Instead of going right, down to challenge 3, go straigt ahead. You should see the coin. Walk around the mountain to get to the chest.

14 - A Towering View - Soundtrack #6
( Video Time - 08:29 )

Right after the Challenge 3 Rabbid, there is a pipe going off to the left. Easily mistaken to be one of the battleground's but it isn't...

15 - White Rabbids - 3DModels #8
( Video Time - 08:58 )

Continue to follow the story path. When you get to the jungle forest, before you meet the Challenge 5 Rabbid, go down the path to the right. There's a chest.

16 - Toad Friends - 3DModel #7
( Video Time - 09:46 )

Right next to the Challenge 5 Rabbid, there is a box to MOVE! The chest is behind it.

17 - 5 Power Orbs
( Video Time - 10:12 )

Use the cannon next to the chest to get to another area of the Ancient Gardens. Here's the next chest.

18 - Ancient Gardens - Soundtrack #7
( Video Time - 10:32 )

In the same area, there's another one across the bridge. Then return with the cannon.

3 - Flusky Forest
(In order as they appear)

19 - Garden Hopper - 3DModel #9
( Video Time - 10:55 )

From Challenge 3 Rabbid, cross the bridge past the massive loo to the stone labyrinth. Here, find the yellow button to open the wall in the top right corner.

20 - Rainbow Runner - Weapon: Rabbid Peach
( Video Time - 11:29 )

Also in this stone wall labyrinth, do the red ring challenge and collect all 8 red coins. The chest appears next to the statue in the middle.

21 - Through the Lawns - Soundtrack #8
( Video Time - 12:11 )

Continue on the story path, cross the two battlefields. At the end of the second battlefield after you crossed the bridge, there is a pipe that goes down...

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