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7.1 | The Unclimbable Mountain | All Collectibles

1 | Gold Brick 1

Complete the story

2 | Gold Brick 2
(Video Time 00:12)

At spawn point, find and shoot 5 Spinjitzu signs and use Spinjitzu on them.

3 | Gold Brick 3
(Video Time 01:19 )

Do the race.

4 | Ancient Scroll | Master of Destruction
(Video Time 01:57 )

Go back over the gap towards where the race started. Right before the gap, you can climb up some handles to the right.

5 | Gold Brick 4
(Video Time 02:32 )

Jump down, cross the gap and go through the two gates to the other side. Here, jump down and find the Dig Site.

6 | Gold Brick 5
(Video Time 03:54 )

Go up the red stairs, turn left and melt the ice wall with Fire Spinjitzu

7 | Gold Brick 6
(Video Time 04:31 )

Go back to where you arrived crossing the two gates, go up to the right. Cross over there, build the bell.

8 | Gold Brick 7
(Video Time 05:14 )

Go back towards the to gates, cross the first gate (the one with the yellow, blue and red signs) and turn right. Go down the path. There is a little roof on the right with a cracked wall. Smash it with Earth Spinjitzu and do the race.

9 | Gold Brick 8
(Video Time 07:25 )

Go back to the roof, where the cracked wall was and take the right road. There is a lady with the picnic quest.

10 | Minifigure 1 | Garmadon (Office)
(Video Time 08:19 )

Go the way back, turn next right and go down to the structure. There is a wall to climb to the left. Go up and use Possession on the ghostly cloud.

11 | Gold Brick 9
(Video Time 08:52 )

Nearby, there's a quest of a man who wants to be escorted to the picnic...

12 | Gold Brick 10
(Video Time 09:53 )

Back to where you started the escort quest, there is a brick locked area, left of the entrance there is a Dig site.

13 | Gold Brick 11
(Video Time 10:59 )

Enter the closed area with enough bricks. Inside, in the center, use Scanning and climb up. Hop onto the propellers and while flying pick up the brick.

14 | Minifigure 2 | Slithraa
(Video Time 11:42 )

Nearby, there's a chest with a silver lock. Blow it up with Explosives

15 | Gold Brick 12
(Video Time 11:58 )

Go upstairs, light the fires with Fire Spinjitzu

16 | Minifigure 3 | Postman
(Video Time 12:29 )

Leave the closed area and go all the way to the left. Run up the big wall at the end.

17 | Gold Brick 13
(Video Time 12:48 )

Go down to the snowmen. Slide down and into all of them.

18 | Gold Brick 14
(Video Time 13:01 )

Climb up on the other side to build the staircase.

19 | Minifigure 4 | Koko (Office)
(Video Time 14:09 )

Go back from where you came from. Cross the small gap, swing and hop over another and run on the big red wall. There is another big gap on the other side. Cross it. There is a cracked wall. Next to the cracked wall, you can climb down below. There is a door with 2 Spinjitzu panels.

20 | Minifigure 5 | Zane (Classic)
(Video Time 15:17 )

Now, go down to the area with the many pillars. (where Zane had to freeze water to create a pillar in the story). From there, you can go up a path with a Staff connection.

21 | Gold Brick 15
(Video Time 16:05 )

At the pillars, build a path up the the left to reach a frozen log. Melt it with Fire Spinjitzu

22 | Gold Brick 16
(Video Time 16:51 )

Find and free 3 gongs from ice with Spinjitzu.

One is close to the staircase, when crossing the first gap.
One is between the staircase and the pillar area.
One is at the start of the story playthrough.

23 | Gold Brick 17
(Video Time 18:07 )

Find and shoot 5 balloons with a target.

One is at the picnic area.
One is at the staicase.
One is close to the snowmen.
One is flying around near the pillars.
One is near the cracked wall, where you picked up Minifig 4.
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