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4 | The Uncrossable Jungle | All Collectibles Part 2

18 | Gold Brick 11
(Video Time 12:08 )

Also here at the water side area, under a waterfall, there's a treasure hunter escort quest.

19 | Gold Brick 12
(Video Time 13:31 )

Where the treasure hunter quest started, at the river, there is a pillar with a green and a red box at the bottom. Run up that pillar and cross to the other side of the river to climb up to the head of the snake.

20 | Gold Brick 13
(Video Time 13:57 )

Now cross the water by jumping onto the water lilys, enter the cave and go left. There is a hovering skull. Use Spinjitzu or a Ranged Weapon to move it 6 times.

21 | Gold Brick 14
(Video Time 14:46 )

Do the Fisherman Quest

22 | Gold Brick 15
(Video Time 16:53 )

Now going  in the water, there is a Brick in the open under the big waterfall. Use Water Swim.

23 | Gold Brick 16
(Video Time 17:12 )

Hit 5 underwater flowers. You'll need Water Swim

24 | Gold Brick 17
(Video Time 17:44 )

Get out of the water. Where the red mushrooms are, go up to the left, where the big gate is. There is a small pond with a crossover to a picnic site. The brick is in this pond

25 | Gold Brick 18
(Video Time 18:13 )

Also, close to the picnic site, there is a gap to the left. Cross it and use Earth Spinjitzu to open the cracked wall.

26 | Gold Brick 19
(Video Time 18:41 )

Go back to the Main Water Area, where the red mushrooms are. Left of the mushrooms there is a passage with a cracked wall. Use Earth Spinjitzu, go through and do the Race.

27 | Gold Brick 20
(Video Time 20:13 )

At the end of the race, do the Ruins Restoration Build.

28 | Gold Brick 21
(Video Time 20:31 )

Go up the restored ruins and follow the river through the tunnel.

29 | Gold Brick 22
(Video Time 20:56 )

Go back to where you came up the restored ruins and follow the river left (not through the tunnel). There you can cross over to another structure. Climb it. On top you can build a radio beacon.

30 | Gold Brick 23
(Video Time 22:06 )

Energize the beacon with Lightning Spinjitzu.

31 | Gold Brick 24
(Video Time 22:34 )

From here, you can cross over by walking over the big gate top. On the other side, throw a Staff into the empty pole slot to be able to swing over.

32 | Minifigure 7 | Shark Army Thug
(Video Time 23:09 )

From the radio beacon building, take the zip line down.

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