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6 | The Lost City of Generals | All Collectibles Part 2

18 | Gold Brick 15
(Video Time 10:49 )

From here, you can run up a red wall and open the locked area with enough bricks. Jump into the mine cart and start the ride by shooting the targets. Shoot all the targets on the way with a Ranged Weapon or Spinjitzu to get the brick.

19 | Minifigure 3 | Neuro
(Video Time 11:50 )

Inside the closed off dojo, fight the villains and then go up to the throne.

20 | Minifigure 4 | Ray
(Video Time 12:05 )

Now take the back exit cave slide and go to where the story started. Run up the tower, smash everything and build a drone. Give it some energy with Lightning Spinjitzu

21 | Minifigure 5 | Maya
(Video Time 12:50 )

From here, you can run up a red wall and use the zip line to the other side. Run all to the left and melt the ice with Fire Spinjitzu

22 | Minifigure 6 | Kai (Training)
(Video Time 13:35 )

Now go back towards the volcano. Take the big corridor, where you fought the villains in the story. Half way, take the red wall up to the right. There is a little fenced area with chickens and a Water Spinjitzu panel.

23 | Gold Brick 16
(Video Time 14:19 )

Go up and do the race from where you've built the balloon.

24 | Gold Brick 17
(Video Time 15:49 )

Back at the volcano, there is a football / soccer goal. Right above it, there is a dark lava stone to smash by Garmadon. Climb up there, from the other side of the volcano, if needed.

25 | Gold Brick 18
(Video Time 16:57 )

Now, we're staying on the right side of the village. To to the wind mill. Smash the boxes at the base and build a device for a Flail

26 | Gold Brick 19
(Video Time 17:45 )

At the back of the wind mill, smash all the chicken coops

27 | Gold Brick 20
(Video Time 18:03 )

Further up, there is the Escort the IT Nerd Quest.

28 | Gold Brick 21
(Video Time 18:30 )

Go back to the wind mill / chicken coop area, where you can run up the red walls. Go to the left and open the big gate. Go through. Right on the left, you can slide down onto a platform and balance the ropes to get to the brick high up in the village.

29 | Gold Brick 22
(Video Time 19:30 )

Go back up the red walls, through the gate you've just opened and up the hill to the right. Jump down the gap, fight the spiders and smash the Cracked Wall with Earth Spinjitzu

30 | Gold Brick 23
(Video Time 20:17 )

Then, run up the red wall and do the race on the other side.

31 | Gold Brick 24
(Video Time 21:15 )

Go all the way back to the wind mill / chicken coop area. There are two frozen pillars. Climb up the rocks behind the pillars. On top, melt the ice with Fire Spinjitzu. Cross over, climb up the handles on the other side so you can do the big rope slide.

32 | Minifigure 7 | General #1 (Fired)
(Video Time 22:33 )

After the big slide, continue to climb up. There at the top, use Dig to get some more climbing parts. Put them together and continue your way up.

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