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5 | The Dark Ravine | All Collectibles Part 2

18 | Gold Brick 14
(Video Time )

In plain sight in this area.

19 | Gold Brick 15
(Video Time )

Now go back to where you picked up the last Minifig and do the race.

20 | Gold Brick 16
(Video Time )

At the end of the previous race. At the waterfall.

21 | Gold Brick 17
(Video Time )

One level below the water fall, do the Ancient Weapons Quest.

22 | Minifigure 4 | Snappa
(Video Time )

Where you picked up one of the ancient weapons from the Brick before, there were 2 panels where you can use Spinjitzu

23 | Gold Brick 18
(Video Time )

Go through the next gate and do the Big-Drill Quest. It will remove that big chunk to the left.

24 | Gold Brick 19
(Video Time )

Go to the left, using the little yellow rail. Walk up the wall and keep left.

25 | Minifigure 5 | Ronin
(Video Time )

Follow the path and go down on the other side.

26 | Gold Brick 20
(Video Time )

At the bottom of this path, use Possession to move the mine cart down. Then pick up the brick.

27 | Gold Brick 21
(Video Time )

Also in this area, on the other side, there is a mine cart on tracks you can grapple.

28 | Gold Brick 22
(Video Time )

Do the race

29 | Gold Brick 23
(Video Time )

Go all the way back to where you've built the big drill and go through the next big gate. On the other side build the Ancient Totem.

30 | Minifigure 6 | Lasha
(Video Time )

Follow the path up, you'll see a golden door. Blow it up with Fire Spinjitzu

31 | Gold Brick 24
(Video Time )

Go through the next Garmadon gate. Here Nya has to make appear some platforms with Water Spinjitzu so they can cross over. One of the water containers raises a platform with a brick.

32 | Minifigure 7 | Lizaru
(Video Time )

Cross over and go through the gate. On the right, there is an ice wall. Melt it with Fire Spinjitzu

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