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8 | Ninjago City Downtown | All Collectibles Part 2

18 | Minifigure 6 | Nya (Classic)
(Video Time 11:37 )

Inside the closed area, destroy everything and build a red plane.

19 | Gold Brick 13
(Video Time 12:11 )

Use a Staff at the center mechanism and jump over to the right. There, run the red wall to the green ghost cloud. Use Possession to clear it, jump up and use the mechanism to get the Brick.

20 | Minifigure 7 | Edna
(Video Time 13:00 )

Get out of the closed area and go towards the elevator in an alley. Before doing the quest there at the back, there is a shop with a silver lock. Blow it with Explosives

21 | Gold Brick 14
(Video Time 13:27 )

Build the party

22 | Gold Brick 15
(Video Time 14:28 )

There's a Dig site at the party.

23 | Gold Brick 16
(Video Time 15:27 )

From the pary, you can jump down so you land on the roof of the shop with the silver lock. Walk further up on the roof, run the wall and balance to the brick.

24 | Gold Brick 17
(Video Time 15:50 )

Do the race

25 | Ancient Scroll | Master of Fortune
(Video Time 16:49 )

From where the race ended, go back a bit to a pipe. You can slide underneath and get to the other side.

26 | Gold Brick 18
(Video Time 17:04 )

Go all the way down to where the race started. At the house with the construction frames, run up the walls to the left and jump up behind the blue cloth.

27 | Gold Brick 19
(Video Time 17:13 )

Go down and take the wall to the right. The one that you took for the race. Go up, use the zip line, cross over the green bridge and climb over the left gap.

28 | Gold Brick 20
(Video Time 17:53 )

Go down again to the area with the construction frames. Follow the path down in this area. There is a ladder where you can climb up a small roof. There, use Staff on the mechanism.

29 | Gold Brick 21
(Video Time 18:21 )

In this alley, there is a shop you can open with Spear.

30 | Gold Brick 22
(Video Time 18:31 )

Also here, you can build a dog park.

31 | Gold Brick 23
(Video Time 18:55 )

Freeze the dog park pond with Ice Spinjitzu and go up the staircase.

32 | Minifigure 8 | Gold Ninja
(Video Time 19:16 )

Now, with all the Gold Bricks collected, you can open the closed area at the beach.

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