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3 | Ninjago City Docks | All Collectibles Part 2

19 | Minifigure 4 | Pufferfish Thug
(Video Time 14:05 )

Get out of the closed area and follow the main road up to where the ticket station is. Jump up the blue containers and balance / swing to the Minifigure.

20 | Gold Brick 15
(Video Time 14:51 )

Do the race and return to the race start.

21 | Minifigure 5 | Lloyd (High School)
(Video Time 16:22 )

Back at race start, jump down and find the black/red glowing brick wall to the right. Smash it with Garmadon and run up the walls. Go to the far end and use Green Spinjitzu to put the parts together.

22 | Gold Brick 16
(Video Time 17:54 )

Here up the roof, you can jump over to the golden fish and open it up with Fire Spinjitzu.

23 | Gold Brick 17
(Video Time 18:32 )

From the fish you can jump around the corner up to the Ice Cream Factory worker, where you can build a sign.

24 | Gold Brick 18
(Video Time 19:21 )

From here, jump down to where the big long red wall is. Run up that wall, climb up the wall on the other side and jump down towards the area, where the story started. Here, look around and notice the little blue roofs. Jump on those to get across and climb up to get the Gold Brick.

25 | Minifigure 6 | Jay (High School)
(Video Time 20:08 )

From up here, you can jump over to the roof with the 3 balloons. Hit them and use them to get to the top roof.

26 | Gold Brick 19
(Video Time 20:47 )

Beat up the group of sharks in front of the car park.

27 | Minifigure 7 | Jay (Classic)
(Video Time 21:14 )

Now climb up to the car park, where you saved Cole in the story. There is a device at the car park level gates, where you can use Lightning Spinjitzu. Go up and jump over to the yellow car, where you can use Dual Swords . Switch to the other character to pick it up.

28 | Gold Brick 20
(Video Time 22:37 )

Now with the car park doors open, go down to the lowest level of the car park. There is a safe to open with Nindroid Hacking

29 | Gold Brick 21
(Video Time 23:13 )

From this car park level, you can jump out of the window and jump / swing yourself to the Brick in the opposite outside wall.

30 | Gold Brick 22
(Video Time 23:51 )

Go over to the area where the story walkthrough starts, there is high up a balancing path to get the brick

31 | Gold Brick 23
(Video Time 24:25 )

In the same area, at the tree, you can Dig (Snakes) to get the Brick

32 | Gold Brick 24
(Video Time 24:51 )

Do the "Find the 2 Green Ninja Fans" Quest
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