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4 | The Uncrossable Jungle | All Collectibles Part 1

1 | Gold Brick 1

Complete the story

2 | Gold Brick 2
(Video Time 00:10 )

At the free play start point, cross the bridge and build the Jungle Throne

3 | Gold Brick 3
(Video Time 00:33 )

Also here in the free play spawn start, a brick in the open.

4 | Gold Brick 4
(Video Time 00:46 )

Do the race.

5 | Gold Brick 5
(Video Time 02:09 )

From where the race started, walk down. Instead of crossing the bridge to the right leading to the high tower building, climb up the structure to the left. Destroy the golden wall with Fire Spinjitzu and do the wild water race.

6 | Gold Brick 6
(Video Time 03:50 )

Go back to where the race started. Now we're crossing the bridge to the big tower building next to the big tree. Open the front door by using Spinjitzu at the two red panels.

7 | Minifigure 1 | Acidius
(Video Time 04:25 )

Now go down to the base of the tower, where you can run up using the walls. Do so until you reach the area where you can use a spear.

8 | Gold Brick 7
(Video Time 05:26 )

At the base of the tower, next to the run-up-walls, there's the Missing Clothes Quest...

9 | Minifigure 2 | Cole (Classic)
(Video Time 07:23 )

Now go towards the swamp. But not the story path, stay on the right. You can climb down onto a little platform and jump across to the right, where the golden box is. Grapple the little house at the top first.

10 | Minifigure 3 | Snake Army Brute
(Video Time 08:20 )

Now destroy the golden box with Fire Spinjitzu and build a catapult. Use it. On top of the tower, use Spinjitzu to open the door.

11 | Gold Brick 8
(Video Time 08:56 )

Now cross over to the left, where you came from when doing the story. Run up the yellow wall and cut the vines with a Heavy Sword

12 | Minifigure 4 | Fangtom
(Video Time 09:16 )

Now cross over to the left, balancing on the rope. Blow up the silver bars with Explosives.

13 | Ancient Scoll | Master of Time
(Video Time 09:42 )

Cross the swamp again, away from the tower, to the yellow wall. Run up and swing over to the right.

14 - Minifigure 5 - Skylor
(Video Time 10:08 )

Jump down from there, cross the bridge and enter the closed area. Here, shoot 5 cob webs with a Ranged Weapon or Spinjitzu

15 - Gold Brick 9
(Video Time 11:16 )

Also in this locked area, let Garmadon open the Snake Mouth. Then shoot the target with a Ranged Weapon

16 - Minifigure 6 - Bolobo
(Video Time 11:41 )

Leave the locked area and go down to where the pig red mushrooms are. Jump up on them.

17 - Gold Brick 10
(Video Time 11:55 )

At the central water side area, there is a square structure, which you climb up in the story. It's dripping with water. Freeze it with Ice Spinjitzu.
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