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5 | The Dark Ravine | All Collectibles Part 1

1 | Gold Brick 1

Complete the story

2 | Gold Brick 2
(Video Time )

At spawn point of free play, go towards the Dojo and open the closed area with enough bricks. Go inside and open the entrance with grapple (both characters.

3 | Gold Brick 3
(Video Time )

Still in the closed area, destroy everything around the throne and build with the pieces you get.

4 | Gold Brick 4
(Video Time )

Back at the free play starting area, do the mine quest. You'll need Water + Ice Spinjitzu.

5 | Minifigure 1 | Lloyd (Classic)
(Video Time )

Now go to the area, where you collected the chrystals. At the lowest level, where the lowest water fall is, is a rock that you can blow up with Explosives.

6 | Ancient Scroll | Master of Elements
(Video Time )

Further down, at the glowing green circle, use Green Spinjitzu to cross over to the crack in the wall, where you use Earth Spinjitzu

7 | Gold Brick 5
(Video Time )

Go back to the water fall area, run up the lowest water fall and use Dig at the red dig point. With the dug out pieces, build a handle on the wall and climb up.

8 | Gold Brick 6
(Video Time )

Now go up another waterfall. Between elevator and waterfall, there is a gold rail to blow up with Fire Spinjitzu. Then use Garmadon at the mechanism. Then climb up the waterfall.

9 | Gold Brick 7
(Video Time )

Now go through the first gate (the ones Garmadon had to open in the story). Just after go went through, look to the right. You can swing over there.

10 | Minifigure 2 | Sensei Yang
(Video Time )

Continue to follow the path, jump over the gap and go up left where you should see a cracked wall. Blow it with Earth Spinjitzu.

11 | Gold Brick 8
(Video Time )

Go up the yellow wall and do the escort tourist quest.

12 | Gold Brick 9
(Video Time )

Go all the way back to where the tourist lady stood, freeze the waterfall with Ice Spinjitzu and cross over. On the other side build the gong.

13 | Gold Brick 10
(Video Time )

From where the gong is, you can climb up the waterfall you just froze.

14 | Gold Brick 11
(Video Time )

Do the race.

15 | Minifigure 3 | Feng Suei
(Video Time )

Now go through the second Garmadon gate (story) and go up the rope ladder. Up there, to the right.

16 | Gold Brick 12
(Video Time )

From here you can swing over a gap to an area with water. Use Water Swim to smash the plant under water.

17 | Gold Brick 13
(Video Time )

Smash the lava wall with Garmadon
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