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3 | Ninjago City Docks | All Collectibles Part 1

1 | Gold Brick 1
(Video Time )

Complete the Story

2 | Minifigure 1 | Octopus
(Video Time 00:13 )

At the Free Play spawn point, get into the water and use the Water Swim ability to get to the Minifig.

3 | Gold Brick 2
(Video Time 00:41 )

Now go towards the exit, up the first red wall. Here you can jump up and balance over high above the containers.

4 | Gold Brick 3
(Video Time 01:42 )

In the same area, there is a water tower (right over the dock area exit). Use Water Spinjitzu on it.

5 | Gold Brick 4
(Video Time 02:13 )

Also up here, around the corner, you can swing over to another water part of the docks. Here, using Water Swim, you can free a Brick under water.

6 | Gold Brick 5
(Video Time 03:08 )

Jump down from the Water Tower and use the Invisibility Skill to get passed the camera.

7 | Gold Brick 6
(Video Time 03:32 )

Build the prawn sign

8 | Gold Brick 7
(Video Time 03:58 )

Do the race. You'll need someone with Super Speed to beat the Gold Medal time.

9 | Gold Brick 8
(Video Time 05:14 )

Jump down. At the water side there is a device that needs a Staff. Then use Fire Spinjitzu to open the chest.

10 | Gold Brick 9
(Video Time 06:01 )

We're leaving the docks and go to the area of "The Stormy Docks Dojo". Opposite its entrance, go up the red wall, head right and cross the big pink advertisement.

11 | Gold Brick 10
(Video Time 06:38 )

Go down and run up the same red wall opposite the Dojo entrance. Here use a Heavy Sword to create a passage to the other side

12 | Minifigure 2 | Great White Shark
(Video Time 07:20 )

Go up the red wall opposite the Dojo again, keep right and use the Zip line to get to the left side. Up the wall, there is a Possession spot...

13 | Ancient Scroll | Master of Speed
(Video Time 08:19 )

Stay on the roof and continue your way over the roofs. There is a catapult on the roof at the far back. Use it to get to the roof with the Scroll. Here use Dual Swords to open and switch to the other character to get it.

14 | Gold Brick 11
(Video Time 09:14 )

Here, in the Dojo area, you can open up a locked area with Bricks. Go through and build a Wu statue on the other side.

15 | Minifigure 3 | Hot Dog Man
(Video Time 10:20 )

To open the tower, jump onto the boat nearby, hit the boxes and build the nearby cannon. It will blow open the doors.

16 | Gold Brick 12
(Video Time 11:20 )

First floor of the main building in the water.

17 | Gold Brick 13
(Video Time 11:47 )

Use Water Swim to reach the skeleton below the previous building.

18 | Gold Brick 14
(Video Time 13:16 )

Go up to the wind mill. There you can hango onto it to get on top, where you use the zip line to reach a window with silver bars. Blow them up with Explosives.

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