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2 | Ninjago City Beach | All Collectibles Part 1

1 | Gold Brick 1

Complete the Story

2 | Gold Brick 2
(Video Time 00:12 )

At the spawn point for free play, go to the bottom of the steps and turn left to do the Quest for the Police Chief to fight 3 Shark groups.

3 | Gold Brick 3
(Video Time 01:48 )

Down the same road, there is a cart with green ghosts flying around it. Use the Possession ability to get it out. Then grapple.

4 | Minifigure 1 | Crusty
(Video Time 02:29 )

On the other side of the cart, climb the yellow wall.

5 | Minifigure 2 | Rocker
(Video Time 02:46 )

Now go up the spawn point stairs. There is a closed area next to the Ninjago City Docks Story access point. Open it with enough Bricks. Go down and open the box with a Spear.

6 | Minifigure 3 | Paleman
(Video Time 03:46 )

In the same area, sneak passed the camera with the Invisibility ability. Inside, use the wall or jump up a level and cut the vines with a Heavy Sword

7 | Minifigure 4 | Ash
(Video Time 04:30 )

Go back to the main entrance room. There are some big grey boxes to climb. On top you can swing over to the other side.

8 | Gold Brick 4
(Video Time 04:52 )

Also in the main room of this closed area, there is a gold wall to destroy with Fire Spinjitzu.

9 | Gold Brick 5
(Video Time 05:15 )

Also here, last one in this closed area, there is a terminal where you use Nindroid Hacking. Go in and push the button 3 times. First time, thugs are coming out, second time a Big Stud and last the Gold Brick.

10 | Gold Brick 6
(Video Time 05:44 )

Leave this underground area, go outside and head to the right. To build some Ninja Statues.

11 | Gold Brick 7
(Video Time 06:26 )

Further up this road, build the Yeti Truck.

12 | Gold Brick 8
(Video Time 06:48 )

The Yeti Truck stopped close to the Ninja Statues. Do the quest and collect the wanted items.

13 | Ancient Scroll | Master of Summoning
(Video Time 08:04 )

Now we're going back to where we built the Yeti Truck. There is an open shop next to the quest giver. Climb up onto the roof. There is a little yellow rail on the wall. Walk along it and climb up.

14 | Gold Brick 9
(Video Time 08:59 )

Go down again. Right where the story walkthrough starts, there is a yellow wall to run up. Then a red wall to run to the other side.

15 | Minifigure 5 - Nya (High School)
(Video Time 09:14 )

Now go up again and balance over the road. There is a yellow wall to run up. On top, use Spear on the machine.

16 | Gold Brick 10
(Video Time 09:34 )

Jump down onto the balcony, where you ran up the yellow wall. Here, you can climb up a small advert to get the Brick under the big ad.

17 | Gold Brick 11
(Video Time 09:57 )

Do the race. Win Gold Medal.

18 | Gold Brick 12
(Video Time 12:02)

Go back to the little village you just raced through. There is a sign at ground level where you can use Spinjitzu on.

19 | Gold Brick 13
(Video Time 12:23 )

Back at the harbour, grapple open the Red Container.

20 | Minifigure 6 | Zane (High School)
(Video Time 12:39 )

Use Explosives to blow open the yellow container.

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