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The Phantom Zone: All Minikits and the Rescue | Lego Batman Movie Story Pack | Lego Dimensions

Minikits in order as they appear:

Minikit 1 ( 00:06 )
At the area with the plane, use Sonar Smash on the window to get the minikit.

Minikit 2 ( 00:17 )
Same area with the plane, blow up the golden cover with Laser. Then build a fountain with the parts.

Minikit 3 ( 00:35 )
In the area to the left, water the plant with Growth.

Minikit 4 ( 00:46 )
Use Electricity to charge the coil at the back. The cages should close and you can build the minikit.

Rescue ( 01:04 )
When you go past the gate to go to the next area, you should see Mike trapped on a block in the far back. Use Relic Detector when you see the pink sparcle. A boomerang slot appears on Mike's block. Throw a boomerang to save him.

Minikit 5 ( 01:26 )
When you continue the story, there is a stretch, where you see all from bird view. Look for a Silver Lego platform to blow up. It's the entrance to the secret room. Go through. There use stealth to go past the camera to get the minikit.

Minikit 6 ( 01:50 )
Extinguish the fire with Growth (Water Spray)

Minikit 7 ( 01:59 )
Go through the portal door at the back with the blue light. At the other side, use Magic 3 times on the blocks to get to the Minikit.

Minikit 8 ( 02:26 )
Use Illumination in the dark room to see the Minikit.

Minikit 9 ( 02:33 )
To open the door to the right with the green light, use Pole Vault on the missing pole slot. Jump on the poles to open the door. Go through. On the other side, push the statue over the edge (thats for minikit 10). Don't leave yet. Go to the right and turn the switch. The fire blocks should turn and are now passable. Now go back through the door, over the now passable blocks to pick up the Minikit

Minikit 10 ( 03:35 )
Now, on the same level, push the statue over the edge again. Follow it down and push it onto the final position to get the last Minikit.

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