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#7 Surtur-N Doom

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#7 Surtur-N Doom

10 Minikits, 1 Character Token, 1 Peril Character (Stan Lee)
In order as they appear.

Minikit 1
To the left, there is a technology panel. Use it (e.g. Ironman) and shoot the balloons with the crossbow.

Minikit 2
Stay on the left side. There is a brown barrel. Extinguish the fire next to it with shield (Captain America). Then build the strength handles. Use them (e.g. Thor)

Minikit 3
The pillar next to it has a silver top. Use Silver Lego Blowup (e.g. Ironman) on the top.

Minikit 4
Destroy 5 golden statues with heat (e.g. Ironman) then pickup the Minikit

Minikit 5
There's a pillar to the right with a flag. Destroy the flag and fly inside to get the hidden Minikit.

Minikit 6
Furthest away from Surtur, at front center, there is a spot where you can use Tracking (e.g. Black Panther). Put the found pieces together into the turning leaver, turn it.

Character in Peril (Stan Lee)
Now, use Smash Walls (e.g. Ms. Marvel) to destroy the cracked floor. Then go down. To the right, there is a big stone with a crack. Use Smash Walls again to free Stan Lee.

Minikit 7
Destroy the nearby gold statue with heat (e.g. Ironman)

Minikit 8
At the table in the center of the room. Use Gravity Mine with Star-Lord.

Minikit 9
Go to the left and use Fuse Box Access (e.g. Ms. Marvel) on the Fuse Box

Token: Odin
There is a bowling game at the front of the room. Bowl at the right time to get the token

Minikit 10
Cut all the vines (e.g. Black Panther) in front of the room and put together the Minikit pieces.
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