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#3 Castle Hassle

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#3 Castle Hassle

10 Minikits, 1 Character Token, 1 Peril Character (Stan Lee)
In order as they appear.

Minikit 1
At the start, go left to where the horses are. Destroy everything to reveal a Teleportation Panel. Use it (e.g. Lockjaw, Thor) to teleport under the bridge to pick up the Minikit.

Minikit 2
Hop on the crossbow close to where the 4 white guards are and shoot 10 targets.

Character in Peril (Stan Lee)
He's hanging inside a cage at the right side of the gate. Use Silver Lego Blowup (e.g. Ironman) to destroy it.

Token: Black Knight (Nathan Garrett)
Go to the right. There is a spot where you can use Tracking (e.g. Black Panther).

Minikit 3
Over the wooden bridge, left, there is a grapple to use Single Rope Handle Pull (e.g. Ms. Marvel). Then go inside to pick up.

Minikit 4
Find 5 fires and extinguish them with Captain America

Minikit 5
On top of the right tower, just walk behind the roof to pick it up

Minikit 6
Same area, where the broken floor, the enchantress and the apple are in the story, there is a Gold Brick Chest. Use heat on it (e.g. Ironman)

Minikit 7
Time to continue with the story and go through the cracked floor. Percy is locked up upstairs. Use Mind Control (e.g. Doctor Strange) to take control of him and smash up the room. Little scared mouse will come out. After it is finished, put the Minikit together.

Minikit 8
There's a skeleton in a cage hanging from the ceiling. Use Telekinesis (e.g. Doctor Strange) to get it down.

Minikit 9
To the left,high up, there are some golden bars. Use heat (e.g. Ironman) to blow them up. Then fly up to get the Minikit.

Minikit 10
Pull down the two chandeliers with Single Rope Handle Pull (e.g. Spiderman) and put the Minikit together.

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