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#19 | On Board the Sword

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#19 | On Board the Sword

10 Minikits, 1 Character Token, 1 Peril Character (Stan Lee)
In order as they appear.

Minikit 1
At the start, fly up to the ceiling. The Minikit is up high.

Minikit 2
To the right, there are Strength Handles. Use them (e.g. Ms. Marvel) and go inside.

Minikit 3
At the top right of the entrance, there are two grapples. Use Double Rope Pull (e.g. Ms. Marvel) and put together the pieces.

Minikit 4
Destroy 5 Kang holograms in the area.

Minikit 5
Now, in the big room, there is a cracked wall to the left. Use Smash Walls (e.g. Ms. Marvel) to reveal a dragon. Use Chi Charge (Iron Fist) to turn off the lasers to get the Minikit.

Minikit 6
The the top right, sneak past the camera with Stealth (e.g. Black Widow) to get inside the room.

Minikit 7
At the bottom left, destroy everything and build a platform for Captain America. Use his Shield to open a little glassbox high up. Now fly up there (e.g. Ironman) to get the Minikit.

Token: War Machine
At the top left, there is a Vent hidden underneath some Lego. Destroy everything and use Vent Access (e.g. Ms. Marvel) to pick up the token.

Minikit 8
Take the shuttle to the boss fight. Where the shuttle stops, shoot the ceiling above the shuttle with Target (e.g. Ironman), put the pieces together and pick it up.

Minikit 9
In the area, you can use Telekinesis (e.g. Doctor Strange) 5 times to get a hovering sword.

Minikit 10
Up to the right, destroy everything to build a Sphere Pad (e.g. Groot). Use it. The crane will drop minikit pieces. Put it together and pick it up.

Character in Peril (Stan Lee)
At the upper left, there is a fuse box. Use it with Fuse Box Access (e.g. Giant-Man) to free Stan Lee.
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