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#18 | The Road to Knowhere

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#18 | The Road to Knowhere

10 Minikits, 1 Character Token, 1 Peril Character (Stan Lee)
In order as they appear.

Minikit 1
There is a tracking point at the fountain to the left. Use it (e.g. Black Panther) and dig out parts at the entrance. Build a grapple hook for Single Rope Pull (e.g. Spiderman). Pull it and the door with the Minikit opens.

Minikit 2
In the story, you turn on the sprinklers to extinguish the fire. Destroy all 7 sprinklers.

Minikit 3
There is an area at the fountain, where you can use Enhanced Senses (e.g. Black Panther). A meteor will strike. Smash it to get the Minikit.

Minikit 4
Use Heat (e.g. Ironman) on the frozen water at the fountain. Put together the Minikit.

Minikit 5
To the left, at the fence, there is a Minikit in the tree. Fly up, shoot it and it will fall down.

Minikit 6
At the right, hiding behind the blue base of the Satellite Dish.

Minikit 7
In the next area, behind the house. At the front left, destroy everything. It will reveal a Rune Tracing Pad. Use it (e.g. Doctor Strange)

Minikit 8
In the same area, destroy all the snow piles and build a snowman. The Minikit is his hat.

Minikit 9
At the right side, there is a blue dumpster. Hit it a couple of times. Build a Gravity Mine access point from the parts and throw a Gravity Mine (Star-Lord). The dumpster will open to reveal the Minikit inside.

Minikit 10
Nearby there is a little hut with a water tank next to it. Target and shoot the water tank (e.g. Ironman)

Token: Ant-Man
In the story, you'll open the metal gate to the right. Go inside and use Sonar (e.g. Black Bolt) on the glass. Then use the water pump. The flower will open and reveal the Token.

Character in Peril (Stan Lee)
At the boss fight on the roof, there is a Portal Create (e.g. Doctor Strange). Use it and go through. On the balcony, use Telekinesis (e.g. Doctor Strange) to save Stan Lee.
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