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#12 Kree-Search and Development

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#12 Kree-Search and Development

10 Minikits, 1 Character Token, 1 Peril Character (Stan Lee)
In order as they appear.

Minikit 1
After you energised the sentry's and the door to the right opens, the Fuse Box to the left is accessible. Use it (e.g. Ms Marvel). Then fly up to the sentry's head to get the Minikit.

Minikit 2
Go through the big gate to the next room. Between the laser and where the sentry's are transported. There is a gold lego brick panel underneath a small bridge. Blow it with heat (e.g. Ironman) and fly over to pick it up.

Minikit 3
Same area, a sentry gets a golden head. Shoot it with heat (e.g. Ironman)

Minikit 4
Nearby, there is a dragon statue. Use Chi Charge (Ironfist).

Minikit 5
There are 5 bowls in the area. Use Telekinesis (e.g. Doctor Strange) to blow them up.

Character in Peril (Stan Lee)
In the area, where you build the cart to get past the laser sentry's in the story. There is a burning pile. Use Shield (Captain America) and smash Stan Lee free.

Minikit 6
Behind a pillar above Stan's Rescue place. Just fly up to get it.

Minikit 7
To the far right, close to the exit, there is a glass window you can smash with Sonar (e.g. Black Bolt). Build a platform for Captain America with the pieces and use Cap to throw the shield.

Minikit 8
Continue to the boss fight. 5 statues in here hold 5 glass hammers. Smash them with Sonar (e.g. Black Bolt)

Minikit 9
Blow up the dog houses with Silver Lego Blowup (e.g. Ironman). This reveals a Dig Site (e.g. Black Panther). Dig up the pieces and put them together.

Token: Hobgoblin
To the right on the wall there is a little plug that you can manipulate with Telekinesis (e.g. Doctor Strange). A box with Strength Handles will come up. Use someone with Strength (e.g. Drax) to open

Minikit 10
Hidden behind the throne. Use someone small (e.g. Groot small) to go to the back.
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