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Dam | All Collectibles | Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

Location of All Collectibles
(White Shield)

Historic Rifles: Mosin-Nagant m1891/30

Historic Rifles: Baker rifle

Inside a small building, close to the fast travel point

Historic Rifles: Berdan rifle

On the floor inside the derailed train

Special Crates

East Side
Old Glory
Old World Rust
RUS 4x 14x 24x 34x
Enter the area through the roof
RUS 8x 16x 32x
Downstairs in the basement
Scope only
Stars and Stripes
West Side
At the basement of the house, under water

Things from the past

Agale Necklace
In the cave, behind the waterfall
Golden Necklace
Follow the tracks at the road and climb the wall
Sword of Anicetus
Inside the tomb
Christ Priest
Inside the church
Circassians Kama
Inside the cave
Copper Diadem
Protected by 2 Minefields
Feminine Necklace
Container, upstairs

Weapon Case

Dragoon SVD
Deep inside the mine
Shipunov K96
Top of the Tower
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